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4 batters, 4 bowlers, 2 all rounders and a keeper within your $55m budget. Pick a captain to score double points.


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Welcome to the Town & Country Pizza GFL - Gators Fantasy League - for the 2016/2017 Season

Please sign up to create an account to build and manage your team. $20 to Digger, or pay online via our registrations page on our Website, before Round 3 to play! No Pay - No Play!

One team per registered user. See the rules section for details on how the game works and our Website for Detailed Game Information!


Good Luck

Team Manager Points
 1Slammin03Sam Hickey4132
 2Hodgeys hackers Hodgey4029
 3Gator snappersBrett kampman3950
 4Just Eat The Damn Orange!Michael Smith3784
 5Maccas men2boysTim mcdonald3197
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All Rounders
Name Value Points
 1Denver Artz£4.0m663
 2Mitch Clark£4.0m422
 3Tim McDonald£8.0m366
 4Nick Maddison£8.0m330
 5Chris Bant£4.0m294
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Name Value Points
 1Ben Boyd£8.0m625
 2Josh Parsons£7.0m524
 3Jarrod McConnell£7.0m417
 4Sam Hickey£7.0m405
 5Justin Fary£7.0m336
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Name Value Points
 1Kyall Timms£9.0m427
 2Ewen Burt£7.0m348
 3Brad Sheen£8.0m340
 4Xavier Farley£2.0m206
 5Sam Artz£2.0m191
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Name Value Points
 1Harry Bond£9.0m445
 2Rowan Ault£7.0m227
 3Colin McLaren£6.0m173
 4Noah Keane£4.0m101
 5Jordan Ryan£5.0m10
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Game 24 Stats

Last updated: 2017-04-08 12:00:01